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by Helen Denney-Stone on 9 October, 2011

Day 23, 24 and 25 My Life Choice Challenge

All going well with the challenge although yesterday I was faced with a different kind of challenge.

Do you know that feeling when you wake in the morning and for some reason, you are feeling a bit blue, miserable – just not happy, feeling negative – not your normal state?

You know the old saying “she got out of bed on the wrong side today”? Well we all have mornings like this, don’t we? It is almost as if you already know the day is not going to be good. How do we know? Why do we get these feelings?

Or is it in fact the other way round?….

You see if we get up feeling in a bad mood, in an unsatisfactory state and not bright we portray that to others and what we perceive in others will also be tainted by our feelings. So with each event and encounter we feel and see the negative side and of course if anything actually does goes wrong that just confirms our beliefs and reinforces the “bad day” effect.

It just goes to show how our state effects our thoughts, effects our interactions and effects our behaviour in fact it is true to say that our state is the cause that effects everything we do and what we perceive.

These states often have a life of there own, they have there momentum like a “wagon wheel” firework, once you have lit it, you can’t stop it turning. Or can we?…….Well actually yes you can?

B Inspired 2 has a simple 3 step process – Keys to a successful day – How 2 change a poor start into a great day easily and successfully.

R.C.R Recoginise – Choose – Recall

Step 1Recognise your state.

This might seem simple and obvious, however if we wake feeling this way we are already in the state and the circle is already turning. It is important¬† for you to recognise consciously that you are feeling that particular state. So this process involves consciously recognising you are in a state you don’t like.

Step 2Choose your desired State

Choose your desired state, make sure this is a state you have experienced before, that it is a positive state, that it is ecological with what you are doing that day and that it is a state you can easily recall and be associated in.

Step 3Recall your desired State

Recall a specific time when you had your desired state, see it through your own eyes, feel what you felt, see what you saw and hear what you heard even taste what you tasted and smell what you smelt. So vividly recall everything about the time when you where in that desired state and feel the state return. Repeat this process with two more recalled memories of the same desired state.

This simple process is an art and a science and just because it is simple it should not be taken frivolousness, if you are to achieve the desired result. The art is once you have recognised your state to then do Steps 2 and particularly 3 very well – don’t pussy foot around with half hardheartedness, go for it live it be in the moment. The science, well that is what will happen in your brain and the neural pathway that you will be defining by carrying out these steps.

This is a simple and highly effective way of changing your state and can be used during the day if required allowing you to always be in the desired state.

A Great Day!



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  • Anonymous

    Hi Helen, thanks so much. I read this at just the right time, as a Mum with 2 children (8 & 10) there are definitely days where I want to just pull the doona over my head and stay in bed. Today was one such day until I read your post and did your RCR. WOW hardly begins to explain how good I found it, I bounced out of my chair and have been on the go ever since. I am now starting to read your back posts, and am looking forward to your next one.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Gemma I love to hear that you gave this process a go – it is simple but highly effective as you found, and having kids myself I know how you felt – but isn’t it great when we can feel as we want?
    More to come on this in future posts….

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