Are you having trouble getting pregnant?

by Helen Denney-Stone on 17 November, 2012

IVF and hypnotherapy Having trouble conceiving?

Did you know that couples trying to conceive are twice as likely to do so after hypnotherapy?

  •  90 million couples worldwide are having trouble conceiving.
  •   Of this only 6% of the 90 million receive the treatment they need.
  •   Thus 94% of infertile couples worldwide are not receiving treatment.
  •    Only 0.3% of the US health care is spent on infertility treatment!

I may be cynical but I think this may have something to do with the fact that there is no term benefit for the pharmaceutical companies in having healthy people have healthy children!!

However researchers have found that hypnosis can double your success rate when undergoing IVF. Something I wish I had know some years ago, when I went through IVF for 7 years. This is one of my motivating reasons to assist others going through the same roller coaster.

A team from Soroka University in Israel, presented the study of 185 women to the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology Conference in Berlin. They found that the women who had hypnosis during IVF were twice as likely to conceive.

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine in it’s guidelines to new IVF patients that states that couples should:-

  1.  Make a plan
   2. Know as much as possible in detail so you have clarity
   3. Look after your own psyche and your relationship.
   4. Find support or mentor to assist you through the process.
   5. Identify possible stressors and know your solutions to them.
   6. Know your self talk and keep it positive.
    7.Decide you have control over what you do
    8.Plan for the changes
    9.Be confident that these are your choices

From the above list you may be curious to discover that with the simple process of visualisation combined with hypnotherapy you can cover all the above points and much more, as these processes have the power to manifest your dreams into reality.

You see not all cases of infertility are due to a diagnosed reason, there seem to be many infertile couples without a logical reason. Then there are the many medical reasons that once the embryo’s have formed and implanted directly in the womb – pregnancy “should” ensue, but it doesn’t.

Our mindset around such an emotional event is vitally important and programming our mind to help our body and assist in the conception is also vital.

“Mindset, the difference that makes the difference”.

Visualisation is the process of being “as if” the event had already occurred, just in the same way as visualising your success in a relationship or business.

The Power of Manifestation, much like the law of attraction in “The Secret” it is a process by which we deliberately plan our visions and thoughts that lead to our feelings and what we feel leads to our actions and these actions give us our results.

Vision Boards are a simple strategic process where you create a unique board of your dream having planned your goal with the SMART system. It is this goal that will manifest into reality.

So a Vision Board with the power of manifestation and hypnotherapy is a wonderful non-invasive way of increasing your chance to have a baby and fulfill your dream to have a family.

What a great way to double your chance of becoming pregnant.

“The emotional roller coaster that is IVF, requires a strong vision and an open heart”

Family with new born

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