Dreams Do Come True

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Do you remember some of the things you dreamed of when you were younger? I remember my dreams, I was going to be a lawyer, then a PE teacher and then a police officer. I’ve been a police officer, and in a roundabout kind of way I’m now teaching, it’s not what I’d originally dreamedRead the Rest…

The Lady of social media, Pinterest, is having a facelift.

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Pinterest the darling of social media sites is changing her looks! Still keeping her picturesque appeal but improving the dynamics and making the platform even more visually appealing. Currently in beta testing phase the folks at Pinterest are obviously looking and thinking forward. This new improved version has enlarged selected pins and added more relatedRead the Rest…

Lose Weight and Keep It Off

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To lose weight was the #1 News Years Resolution in 2012 and it is again this year. Sadly, 92% of people fail to achieve their Resolutions, even though it is estimated that Australians will spend $745 million on weight-loss products this year, and about $1.7 billion on gyms and personal trainers. But don’t despair, thatRead the Rest…

Ordinary or Extraordinary?

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7 Crucial Elements to Success I put myself on a ‘course and seminar’ sabbatical this year and it’s been so refreshing. Over the previous 3 years I had crammed so much information – useful, useless and lets say unique – into my brain. I enrolled in courses, seminars, webinars, educational events, trainings, you name it,Read the Rest…


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Coming soon 🙂

Vision boards are simple and powerful.

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Knowing how to create your Vision Board and the best way will increase it’s powerfulness. It will enable you to create a Vision Board that is very effective and will take one of your goals and manifest that goal into reality. Anyone who really wants to make a difference in  their lives and achieve mustRead the Rest…

Action speaks louder than words.

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Show me – don’t tell me. Harvard University proves it so…. It is an old saying I am sure one you have heard many times before :- “Action speaks louder than words.” Do you believe it? – – Yes .. But do you DO it?? Harvard University carried out a study where the students atRead the Rest…

Are you having trouble getting pregnant?

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Having trouble conceiving? Did you know that couples trying to conceive are twice as likely to do so after hypnotherapy?  90 million couples worldwide are having trouble conceiving.   Of this only 6% of the 90 million receive the treatment they need.   Thus 94% of infertile couples worldwide are not receiving treatment.    OnlyRead the Rest…

You always have choice.

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  How do you feel about choice? I am sure you have heard this phrase before, maybe from your parents, certainly in books and articles, from your friends and definitely from your mentors!! – I can hear myself saying it often and with true belief. The trouble is for most people it is a “cliché”Read the Rest…

Create your destiny through visualisation.

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7 Facts about the Power of Visualisation 1. Anyone can visualise – however less than 3% of the population do so. 2. All the most successful entrepreneurs use this process to envisage their success, before it happens. 3. Fortune 500 companies train their sales staff in Visualisation. 4. Visualisation it is a lot more thanRead the Rest…