Visualisation the Power to Create

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Imagine being able to achieve something without actually doing it? Sound spooky – well in a way it is. What am I referring to? – The immense power of visualisation. What is visualisation and is there any proof behind it? Let me give you a few examples of the evidence behind visualisation and the powerRead the Rest…

Does Doubt Control You?

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Can You do It? – Achieve I mean. Succeed at your life and live the life you want? Well statistically only 3% will fulfill their potential. “Is that all”- I hear you say – “Well I don’t stand a chance.” However 3% of the population is nearly 200 million.  So the real question is, areRead the Rest…


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PSYCHOLOGY – Psychology is the scientific study of human and animal behavior with the object of understanding why living beings behave as they do. As almost any science, its discoveries have practical applications. As it is a rather new science, applications are sometimes confused with the science itself.  Physiological psychology is a field akin toRead the Rest…

Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss

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One of the reasons why using hypnotherapy for weight loss is so effective and lasting is that it’s not a diet. Imagine a process where you can eat whatever you want and still lose weight. Please note the highlighted word ‘whatever’ – there are no restrictions about what you can eat, instead you will findRead the Rest…


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This Pinterest Post is currently being edited, come back real soon for exciting new inspireopedia information including facts and figures of the fastest growing internet craze since Facebook.

Release Your Inner Child – Gangnam Style

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In my last blog I mentioned there were two extraordinary events that had occurred this week, the first being Felix Baumgarters skydive. The second extraordinary event I was referring to the Psy-mania that has swept around the world since he released Gangnam Style on 15 July this year (2012). So what is it about GangnamRead the Rest…

Limiting Thoughts and Why They Hold You Back

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There have been a couple of extraordinary events so far this week, and it’s only Wednesday morning. Both have pushed way past the boundaries of what most of us would consider do-able, and both got me thinking about what it is that holds a lot of us back. The first was Felix Baumgartner’s skydive fromRead the Rest…


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Neophobia is an extreme or irrational fear or dislike of anything new, novel, or unfamiliar. Food Neophobia – is the fear of trying (tasting) new foods and eating experiences. In psychology, neophobia is defined as the persistent and abnormal fear of anything new. In its milder form, it can manifest as the unwillingness to tryRead the Rest…

Virtual Gastric Band

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Virtual Gastric Band is a non-surgical clinical hypnotherapy technique that convinces your mind that you have had the surgical procedure – gastric banding. Virtual Gastric Banding uses the same principles as surgical gastric banding – without any injections, knives or anesthetic. By using clinical hypnotherapy your mind is convinced it needs less food. It ‘virtually’ shrinksRead the Rest…

What do you spend your time on?

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It’s 8.00pm on Wednesday evening and I’ve been ‘thinking’ about my next blog for the last few days. I have highlighted thinking because at the end of the day that’s all it’s been – until now that is because I have started typing. I have taken action and started writing again. And it feels great.Read the Rest…