Life Choice Challenge

Fallen off the Wagon

Fell off the Wagon

by Helen Denney-Stone on 29 November, 2011

Week 4 – My Life Choice Challenge – well long trip home this week excited to be home with the family and feeling pretty good that I believed I had lost a pound or so and definitely not gained even whilst being at home and continuously spoilt by others wine dine – dine wine –Read the Rest…


Child of the Year

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by Helen Denney-Stone on 11 October, 2011

Day 26,27 of My Life Choice Challenge Before I leave Jersey I wanted to discuss the need for perspective in all our lives and how seeing our own situation from a different view point can often lead to a better vision and clearer thoughts. Just such a situation happened to me last Saturday – IRead the Rest…


3 step process – RCR

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by Helen Denney-Stone on 9 October, 2011

Day 23, 24 and 25 My Life Choice Challenge All going well with the challenge although yesterday I was faced with a different kind of challenge. Do you know that feeling when you wake in the morning and for some reason, you are feeling a bit blue, miserable – just not happy, feeling negative –Read the Rest…


Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs - RIP

by Helen Denney-Stone on 6 October, 2011

Day 22 – my Life Choice Challenge – Not Today!! Today I am not going to be talking about my challenge. Today my time is better spent expressing my feelings towards a man that not only knew what a challenge was, he never seemed to let anything get in the way of his creative innovations.Read the Rest…


How to get the Result you want

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by Helen Denney-Stone on 5 October, 2011

Day 20 and 21 of my Life Choice Challenge – Briefly I can say – I have been very good and today Wednesday is my weigh in day – now this is a little difficult as I am on different scales and I even need my glasses on to see the dial!! but I amRead the Rest…


Self talk

Self Talk

by Helen Denney-Stone on 3 October, 2011

Day 19 of My Life Choice Challenge – It is Monday morning, it is about 5.45 in the morning – I am lying on soft pillows, cosy under the duvet, warm comfortable and relaxed. It is not quite light yet but I can see the glimpses of daylight though the blinds, I hear the twitteringRead the Rest…


The 4 Choice Questions

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by Helen Denney-Stone on 2 October, 2011

Day 17¬† & 18 of my Life Choice Challenge – The weekend all going well but definitely feeling unmotivated sticking to the regime but it is becoming a struggle. However my current struggle makes me think back and remember, firstly our logo at B Inspired 2 and what it stands for –¬† it is TheRead the Rest…



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by Helen Denney-Stone on 30 September, 2011

Day 14,15 and 16 0f my Life Choice Challenge – Made it two good weeks – I am feeling a difference in myself in my energy levels as well as in my clothes, they are not as tight!! Too soon to move down a size but these have eased. I will not be able toRead the Rest…


Long term change

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by Helen Denney-Stone on 26 September, 2011

  Day 11 – First day in Jersey and time finally¬† caught up with me – went for a nap and the next 14 hours disappeared! It is going to be hard to keep strictly to this challenge whilst I am home seeing family and friends and socialising, which is basically all I do here,Read the Rest…


El Diablo

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by Helen Denney-Stone on 23 September, 2011

Day 9 & 10 of My Life Choice Challenge It is amazing really you set out with a challenge and without knowing it there a little hurdles along the way, often unforeseen difficulties that in the normal run of life would go unnoticed. The difference now is that not only are they noticed but theyRead the Rest…