Celebrity Mind Intensive

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7 Figure Celebrity Mind Intensive (Melbourne)

Saturday, 25 February 2012 at 8:30 AM (GMT+1000)

Melbourne, VICTORIA


Seb Wichmann

Seb Wichmann

Seb Wichman

To all coaches, speakers, authors and service professionals looking to become THE next 7 FIGURE CELEBRITY in their market niche by sharing their UNIQUE GIFT and talents with the world.

Are you fed up working your backside off only to realise that you’re earning far less money than you expected, do you feel somehow TRAPPED without a sense of which direction to take or are you regularly feeling like the LONE WOLF trying to run a business on one leg? Don’t be fooled you aren’t the only one that is feeling that way…

If you’ve been giving it a RED HOT GO with limited financial return, the little known art of seeding your mind’s “MONEY BLUEPRINT” will empower you to accomplish incredible things. The “7 FIGURE CELEBRITY MIND SYSTEM” will assist you to rewire your financial blueprint of your mind through powerful and experiential activities. This path which is proven to propel businesses to new financial heights is ideal for TALENTED entrepreneurs who long for a broader platform from which to serve the world.

The majority of entrepreneurs believe it is hard to making the money they desire. Many have a special gift to share and desire to making a MASSIVE contribution to loved ones around them, but what if you could learn how to become a ‘MONEY MAKING MACHINE’ that LOVES to generate cash with the DESIRE to contribute to the world on even grander levels, how would that change your life?

The ‘7 FIGURE CELEBRITY MIND INTENSIVE’ is a full day training jam-packed with powerful content and Seb Wichmann’s SIGNATURE TRAINING, designed to truly unleashing the POWER within you.

You will learn how to…
? Magically open GENUINE business relationships that put cash into your pocket today
? Super-charge the process of  becoming the extraordinary person that you truly are x10
? Discover the ‘YOURNIQUNESS’ within you to carve your ‘money niche’ now
? Fuel your burning desire by being laser-focused and making EVERYDAY an epic adventure
? Sell yourself with unbridled enthusiasm and a deep sense of LOVE without having credibility
? Discover your money-producing CRITICAL DRIVERS and enjoy performing them beginning now

When you leave this fun and jam-packed ONE DAY TRAINING you will have all the necessary tools, strategies and techniques to move your business to an entirely new level while changing your own life for REAL. The opportunity is MORE VALUABLE than you could ever imagine given that you will save an astronomical amount of money, time and sweat.

Your loved ones are counting on you right now and you know that only by stepping up right now you will permit yourself to moving into a COHERENTdirection in your life, creating the life that you have been dreaming about for so long. I want you right now to think of one person that you commit to changing his or her life by taking the action to signing up right now by participating at the upcoming event near you. ACT NOW and secure your tickets at the top of this page!


Helen and Elly from B Inspired 2


Our presentation will be:

The Power of Hypnotic Language – How to Seduce and   Persuade with Just Your Words

Ever wondered why you just can not seem to get some people to listen to you?

Would you like to discover the secrets on how you can influence others?

Do you want to be able to write compelling and irresistible sales letters to lead to extraordinary sales? or Your emails so enticing that they generate 1000’s of leads?

Are you curious to know what words to use to “gain the upper hand” and win the negotiation.

Is hypnotic writing just pure manipulation and should not be used?

What if I know 3 words that I can say could say that will cause you to give me all of your money?

Well if you are curious to discover the answers to any of the above please come and enjoy our talk and learn the power you have when you know.




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As You read the words on this site you will discover many possibilities and your desire to invest in your empowerment.


We will see you on the 25th February in beautiful Melbourne.