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by Helen Denney-Stone on 14 September, 2011

Day One of my Life Choice Challenge

Well here I am in Port Stevens, on a short break, probably not the best time to start my challenge, but I am in the best frame of mind so that is good.

Feeling positive as I awake relaxed but mentally alert. Started the day with a long walk for me (1 hour) along the sandy beach, I could feel the soft sand below me making it just that bit harder, a good feeling.

One part of my challenge included, regaining my shape, size and weight and for this part  I needed to have a weigh in – frightening!! Had extensive measurements of all parts of my body taken and also front back and side photos taken.

How I felt after the weigh in!!

This was actually extremely hard for me as there in black and white was proof of just how bad it actually was, but part of me really did not want to admit it. The photos in particular were horrifying. It is amazing how easy it is for all of us to con ourselves and deceive ourselves we wear baggy clothes avoid mirrors and never really see ourselves in the raw – my word a photo says a thousand words!

It is important that the outcome/goal is  SMART and this briefly stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.  The above process ensure that my challenge is Specific and is definitely Measurable. just as important as the measurement and weight is to have a forward vision of how you will look, feel and act. For me I choose a specific leather skirt and top that I adored and always had a good time in when I wore it previously. This outfit I keep out on display in my bedroom and daily visualise myself in it feeling what I felt, seeing myself in the mirror looking rather trim and having a great time – I even imagine the conversations and fun I am having at the time. I actually take time every day to imagine As If I am wearing this outfit with all the feelings attached, this helps my unconscious cement my desire and help ensure the outcome.

The other part I had to get my head around was thinking about new meals without any diary and wheat little carbohydrates and including vegetables. I had already arranged an intervention with a B Inspired 2 coach to help me like vegetables – but more of that later.





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