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by Helen Denney-Stone on 23 September, 2011

Day 9 & 10 of My Life Choice Challenge

It is amazing really you set out with a challenge and without knowing it there a little hurdles along the way, often unforeseen difficulties that in the normal run of life would go unnoticed. The difference now is that not only are they noticed but they become larger than life! – Is it that I am just looking for an excuse not to keep within my own rules and strategy to ultimate success. Then you have to ask yourself why? Why would I self sabotage? Why is it that we often think if I don’t do it exactly 100% then I can’t do it at all. Maybe I just want instant gratification and the goal can sometimes feel a long way away.

It is that little devil inside me, the same little devil that has often been my spur, my friend to do things differently and have a go, has a flip side to it that of doubt lack of self confidence almost as if it is testing me, not very friendly now! I think I need to get a handle on this little devil and let it know that this is not in my best interest.

So here I am on my way home – now Australia to Jersey is a long way roughly 12 hours to Bangkok and a further 9 to London plus Heathrow to Gatwick transfers to get to Jersey. This time I was stopping off in London for a day and night making it easier. My normal long haul flights include eating and drinking what you want sleeping when you can and generally slobbing out. Well that could not be the case this time – no alcohol, not even a glass of wine! No bread and cheese or crisps and nuts – umnn this may not be fun.

Long flight with an extra 4 hour delay for petrol spillage in Bangkok – very late into London no time to shower  before having  meetings  with James. Beautiful sunny day in London and I think I was just operating on adrenalin and I have to say taking the healthier option on the flight – no alcohol no sugar highs allowed me to continue for much longer.

I survived well – another hurdle jumped over and my little devil is slowly learning this is really what I want.


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