F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions

There is a comprehensive amount of information under each course, workshop and the Blueprint Program and The Grand Design, however here are some commonly asked questions which we often get asked – please enjoy.

Who Are the Workshops and Programs For:

PERSONAL: They are for you personally in your personal life those wanting to design their ultimate life, be a success, those who want to achieve the dream. Often this requires a Breakthrough from where you are to where you want to be and our courses are specifically designed to achieve this breakthrough. Please see the Blueprint Program for some of the main reasons you would be attending any of our courses.

BUSINESS: They are for those in business. Those in business that are not proceeding as fast or at the rate they desire. Are you in sales and not achieving your targets? Are you having in house problems with staff? Do you want to generate more leads and convert those leads into paying clients. Are you looking at starting a new career or your own business? Do you need to build your expertise in your field but don’t know how and do not feel confident?  Do you want your business to be a success. Our Blueprint Programs cover the answers to all of the above please check each individual course for what is specifically included.

RELATIONSHIPS: They are for use in relationships. Do your strive for that passionate loyal relationship? Relationships cover a large area not just your own personal relationship. Maybe it is the relationship between you and your children, if you would like them to actually “hear you” that is actually take notice of what you say and do what you ask them to do then this is what is offered by our qualifies trainers. Maybe it is the relationship with your boss that is difficult or other employees or colleagues, learn the techniques to influence.Do you just want your relationships with others to be successful?

Why Would I Come to Your Course?

The short answer here is because you want change – lifelong change – you want to live your ultimate life, you want success.

Our courses are for people who are not afraid to have what they want, but are stuck where they are and do not know, or do not have the skills to get to where they want to go. Often there are underlying problems these core, critical issues are often at the heart of why you stay where you are. It is firstly the acknowledgement and understanding of these issues, then secondly been given the tools and strategies to implement change and thirdly the mindset to achieve and maintain that make our courses so exceptional and unique.

No other course out there shows you WHY, gives you the HOW and INSTALLS the Mindset for you to achieve your dream. You will not be left having to come back for more information or “top up” we give you the Tools, the Strategies and the Know how. Our programs are complete from A-Z in each separate context.

Do You Offer One to One Coaching?

Yes we do but conditions apply, due to demand and our program schedule we only offer this by agreement to specific people. What does that mean exactly – well we like to work with clients that Really want change that are Really stuck and need our help and to this end you will be required to fill out a detailed questionnaire

We only work with a maximum of 5 clients each at any one time this is to ensure you get 100% of our focused attention you get your own specific and unique program suited to your needs you also get access to us personally via our private mobile and skype.

This coaching is expensive and is definitely not for everyone. If you are interested in knowing more please fill out an Inquiry form and Helen or Elly will contact you directly.

You Talk about Mindset – Why is that so Important?

Mindset is the basis of all your behaviour and actions. All that you are right up to you reading this is based on your values and beliefs, all the influences and education, all the trauma and delights all your experiences throughout your life – all this is your Mindset. If therefore you can have the right Mindset, that is your Mindset congruent with your wants and what you want to achieve, achieve you will. With the right Mindset anything is possible – this is not just glib words this is our promise to you.

You Have Been Called the Action Magnets – why is this?

This is a funny one and it started years ago we had a couple clients that came to everything and always seemed to be there they even re did a couple of the old workshops and when I asked them Why? – he just turned around and said “You are Magnetic I can’t seem to pull away and every time I see you I actually go away and take Action” whilst being very flattered the story or joke got around and the name stuck. We are very happy to live with nickname  as One of our main promises to you is that once we have been together you Will take Action. Unlike other courses our main focus is to get you to take ACTION as soon as you leave or whilst you are still on the course. One thing separates those who realize their dreams from those who don’t — action! and basically just like a magnet you are drawn with it see us and you take action guaranteed.

 What training techniques do you use?

Our qualified trainers use a combination of techniques these include Metacognition, Cognitive Psychology,  NLP – neuro linguistic programing and Behavioural Science. Hypnosis is also used in any of the Hypnotherapy courses and we teach you a few of these techniques in the other courses.

 What format should I expect at your courses?

Be prepared for fun – these courses are hands on and interactive we solve problems right there and then. We said we like you to take action and we do we want you to achieve during the course, whether that is networking and gaining new clients, making money or solving personal issues we tackle whatever you give us. It is all about Fun, Action and Commitment, when you turn up we ask you to “turn up” actually be there and take part.

What is a Breakthrough?

There are different types of Breakthroughs depending on the course you are attending

1. Physical Breakthrough – can’t tell all here – that’s a surprise just think “Fire walking” no it is not that yet but we are thinking of including that in The Grand Design Program for 2012. The physical breakthrough is just that you achieving something physical that you did not think you could do!!

Sounds fun – trust me it is amazing, this is not compulsory but you have a lot to gain by completing these !!

2. Personal or Business breakthrough at the course, this is a strategic proven system taught to you at the course for a particulary problem of your choice. Carried out independently and in groups.

3. One 2 One Breakthrough – specifically taylored breakthrough lasting anything from 5 – 8 hours.

Can I Bring my Partner With Me?

Yes you can we offer a 50% minimum discount on your partner attending – I say minimum as sometimes depending on the course your partner can come FREE. We always recommend you bring your partner whether business or personal the changes that happen to people on these courses impact everyone, why not let them benefit your partner too?

What should I wear and are Meals included?

We ask you to come dressed comfortably remembering that you will be in a mixed audience. The air conditioning in many of these venues is not exact and therefore may be to hot or too cold for some so we ask you to wear layers and always make sure you have a pullover or jersey.

Meals are not included so please bring sustenance to keep you going during the sessions, we will always be at a venue where you will be able to get meals if required. water is always provided as is coffee and tea at most venues during the breaks, all our venues are near coffee shops!!

Do You Offer a Payment Plan?

Yes we do we ask for a deposit per course and monthly installments. Please request this on the course application.
If You Have Any Further Questions

Please go to the Inquiry Form and email us we will endeavor to answer you as soon as possible.