Fallen off the Wagon

by Helen Denney-Stone on 29 November, 2011

Week 4My Life Choice Challenge – well long trip home this week excited to be home with the family and feeling pretty good that I believed I had lost a pound or so and definitely not gained even whilst being at home and continuously spoilt by others wine dine – dine wine – I had abstained from almost everything and upped my normal level of exercise whilst at home.

When I arrived back in Australia I had a sleepy day and the following morning got on the scales – well disappointment I couldn’t believe it I was only 3kg’s down from the beginning 4 weeks ago – the swear words came forth and the dogs retreated out of the bathroom – I was not happy.

Then the nail in the coffin went back to the gym the next morning – raring to go as I had lowered my walking time for each kilometer whilst at home and I was sure it would be good. Was in the room with the trainer going over a new routine when I decided to re-weigh myself on their scales – that was a massively bad mistake – less than 3 kg now – this cannot be possible. To say that this person had a tanty was putting it very mildly – I was furious, disappointed in myself, angry, felt a complete failure and was beside myself – it was so unfair – I had stuck to the rules – I had been good. How could this be, here I am I with will power and good advice doing all the right things and I am not getting rewarded, well not rewarded to the level that I expected or wanted. Here I am I writing about my challenge and all of a sudden I am failing …….I don’t like failing …..this is just not right!!!!!!

So true.

As the caption says I didn’t just fall off the wagon it came back and ran over me – I was on self destruct path all the pleasures I had gone without mine now for the taking – wine – champagne – crisps – chocolate – bread – to hell with the gym.

If I can do everything right and get no reward then I might as well do everything wrong and get no reward – Good logic – don’t you think? Come on all you out there who are perfect and succeed first time have some sympathy with me, this is not fair, what is wrong with me and my body – why, why why?

I hate this challenge. Eaten my Willpower

This week is a story in pictures and I am sure you get the message

– disaster had struck.

Now what choice do I make?




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