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by Helen Denney-Stone on 18 September, 2011

Day 5 of my Life Choice Challenge

Weigh in for the first time, of course very first thing in the morning you are at your lightest at this time of the day!!

Hurray 1.9 kg down from the start – not only do I feel better but I have given back some weight. Look I know that in the first week and a lot of this will be water and not fat but the way I look at this whatever it is, water or fat it is less weight that I am carrying around with me – can’t express how pleased I am feeling –  just the encouragement I need at the moment to propel me forward to week two. I have deliberately decided not to weigh myself every day as I do not want to be disappointed and risk falling of my journey.

I did feel like the cat who had got the cream - well for a moment anyway!

Do you know what is strange even with this encouragement there is this niggling little part of me that keeps saying -you will not keep it up – you have made it too difficult – I know you glass of wine and some crisps will be your downfall. Why is it that there seems this little devil in me that doubts me so much and almost seems to want me to fail. I need to give myself a good talking to and remember to visualise my life and me when the outcome is achieved in twelve weeks. I do think my unconscious self needs to be very clear what the outcome I desire is and that this is the best for me. Banish that little devil.

I consciously spend some time going over my goal, planning the next week ahead what to eat and how to get some exercise in. Again not planning this to well I have a three day conference in the city and then on Thursday I am flying home – which is Jersey in the Channel Islands and a long trip. Talk about trying to make this hard on myself but I know the problems ahead which means I can find a solution.

One good thing I will not be in my normal routine so I will not be faced with the normal triggers that can sometimes lead one astray.

Exciting week ahead.


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