by Helen Denney-Stone on 30 September, 2011

Day 14,15 and 16 0f my Life Choice Challenge – Made it two good weeks – I am feeling a difference in myself in my energy levels as well as in my clothes, they are not as tight!! Too soon to move down a size but these have eased. I will not be able to see if there is any further weight loss as I am half way across the world on different scales. I can tell you though since getting here I have not changed the weight is the same. This is making me feel a bit pessimistic as I have been so so good even though it has been difficult.

Meeting up with a friend I haven’t seen for years at one of my favourite places Longueville Manor, again it is a glorious sunny warm day – I am so lucky to have hit this mini heat wave Jersey is extremely beautiful on days like this – a lot to be grateful for – so that pessimistic feeling of earlier is being rightfully banished.

I think this is an example of what can often happen when focused on one goal – it almost becomes obsessive. This however can be good remember¬† ” We get what we focus on – Where the focus goes the attention goes”

Day 15 – My day of liberty started with a lovely long walk with Mark and Stanley (dog) along Portelet headland then lunch in St Aubins – long lunch ………. very enjoyable day and other than the wine – too much wine – I was very good my special treat was a scoop of Jersey home made vanilla ice cream and I am sure it tasted even better because it was a treat. Lovely day.

Day 16 – Recuperating today a bit – taking it at a slower pace casual lunch with my sister and Mummy at beautiful St Ouens – 5 miles of golden sands. I love the fact that we have massive tides in Jersey and the sea can go out for miles awesome location.

I just want to write a word or to on Gratitude – if we take a moment of our day to see and feel all the things that we can be grateful for and even for some aspects of our lives that are not perfect to be able to look at the bigger picture – take a different view point – it opens up the possibilities of the mind and our lives – gives us choice and choice is freedom.



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