Helen and Elly

Helen Denney-Stone, Mindset,

Helen Denney-Stone

Helen was born in Buckinghamshire, England living most of her formative years in Jersey in the Channel Islands.

Finishing University in Grenoble, France, and returning to Jersey she knew she wanted to own her own business and loved property so she started her firm in the property industry, her business had head offices in Jersey and Guernsey, with offices specialising in sales, management and valuation.

“My particular passions were two fold firstly for sourcing new development sites, then as consultant seeing them through design, development phase to site , completion and sales and secondly for re- developing old properties – even heritage listed ones.”

Helen sold her first business by the time she was 29 and has since developed and invested in several countries including England, France, Moscow and Australia.

Always having had a keen interest in the share market Helen became a qualified Securities Representative of the Financial and Securities Authority of the UK.

“I was given the opportunity to become involved in a new fund dealing in derivatives, so this was an ideal time to learn about the markets and get some basic knowledge under my belt, I then day traded for myself for some time. It has been an invaluable experience and learnings that keeps my interest still”

Helen moved to Australia nine years ago and has been training, educating, learning and following her passion to make a difference by showing others how they can live the ultimate live. Always having a desire to learn more and being fascinated by the brain and the mind Helen has been studying neuroscience, psychology and behavioural sciences and is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP master practitioner, trainer and coach.

Helen is the co-founder and principle at B Inspired 2 a company dedicated to educating people and give them a mindset magnificence and mastery that will allow them to make a difference.

A difference in their own lives that of their families and in the lives of others.

“You know it is simple for me, I get the chance with B Inspired 2 to make a difference and have loads of fun doing it, I love educating and I get a rush seeing others make it, succeed and have their choices turn into reality – it’s a blast.”

Helen’s is an accomplished artist and loves sport, mostly watching now, but enjoys “a good walk spoiled” – golf! Helen is a bit of an adrenalin junky so has had some interesting experiences although not always ending in success!

“ If you ask me about my life – I would say I have been lucky, I had a good grounding, I had opportunities and I took them, I failed, I succeeded, I learnt. My passion for having a go gets me through the failures and gives me the desire to do more with the successes.
I have also been incredible fortunate to have been surrounded all my life by people who were/are honest, loyal, inspiring and importantly somehow continue to put up with me.” If I could give any advice it would be that there is always a solution and anything is possible. Your brain and your mind are your biggest asset your mindset is the difference that makes the difference learn how to make it magnificent. Live the ultimate live you want and deserve, never let anyone say you can’t – you can and finally make a difference to others”


Elly Hurley

Elly has formal qualifications as a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer, Master Practitioner and Coach; Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapist.

More impressive are her informal qualifications – her life experiences – which have lead her to where she is today. Elly has worked in small and medium family owned businesses, as a Police Officer with NSW Police and more recently for herself. In each of these roles she has been highly proactive, learnt, mastered and developed systems and processes, delivered training programs both in house and externally, and fine tuned her interpersonal skills.

Elly has a solid core and an innate desire to see others grow and achieve, something she is now fortunate to witness first hand with her clients and workshop participants.

One of Elly’s own personal goals is to be continually learning, developing and growing. Her passion for knowledge and her desire to better understand the workings of the mind and body and how they are interconnected is what has lead her to where she is now.

A personal message from EllyI am a co-founder and lead trainer of B Inspired 2, a company that means a lot to me as I now how the opportunity to make a real difference. All my life I have strived to be the best I can, and through hard work, dedication and perseverance I have achieved this many times over. In saying that I have also had my share of failures and made my share of mistakes, some which took there toll at the time, however I am a ‘glass half full’ person and always bounced back, sometimes a little slower than others. The great thing about these times is what I learnt, there is no better teacher than life itself. And this is why what I’m doing now is so meaningful, I have gained a wealth of knowledge from life’s lessons along the way, and these in conjunction with my formal qualifications give me the ability to work with other people and show them there are many ways to walk the same path. The secret is choosing the gait for that path that’s right for you. And that my friend is where I can work with you. Let me begin your journey with you.”

Elly’s Relevant Qualifications

  • Certified Trainer of NLP
  • Certified Master Practitioner and Coach of NLP
  • Certified Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy®
  • Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training BSZ40198
  • Certificate IV in Community Services (Community Work)


Edgel Barrientos, graphic designer, website designer

Edgel Barrientos

Edgel – Edgel is a graphic designer, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop & CoralDraw X3 Expert. He is based in the Philippines and works as a freelance website designer as well as doing all B Inspired 2’s work.

Edgel says“I’ve been a graphic artist for more than 6 years and experienced many ideas on how to layout a particular design which includes logos, shirt designs, business cards, flyers, banners, and web mock-ups. I love working with this team as we have so much fun”

Helen says “Edgel is a very talented young man with a beautiful disposition he has been working for us since the inception of B Inspired 2 and is a valuable member of the team – you can’t talk to Edgel without it bringing a smile to your face.”