How to get the Result you want

by Helen Denney-Stone on 5 October, 2011

Day 20 and 21 of my Life Choice Challenge – Briefly I can say – I have been very good and today Wednesday is my weigh in day – now this is a little difficult as I am on different scales and I even need my glasses on to see the dial!! but I am pleased to say I have definitely lost some weight since arriving I think about 1 kg but I am going to confirm this when home. Fingers crossed 🙂

Since any challenge involves a goal and a result, it is important to ensure that firstly your goal is SMART as I have mentioned before and that everything leads to the desired result.

I mentioned earlier the powerful Choice Questions well here I am going to share with you another set of questions we use with our clients these are Choice Questions to ensure an Attainable Result.

1. “What specifically do you want”? – This question needs to be answered in the positive that is what do you want and not what do you not want .

2. “How can you measure your goal specifically”  – “Where are you now exactly compared to where you want to be “

3. “What will you see, hear and feel when you have your result?” Now here you must imagine yourself in the future and answer as in the present as if the result is yours now, own the result and answer precisely and captivatingly.

4. “How will you know when you have the result ?”- Specify.

5. “Is this result for you and only you?” – that is is it self initiated and can it be self maintained?

6. “What will this result allow you to do, what will it achieve or acquire for you?” – List taking into account any negative effects or secondary effects.

7. “What are the resources you have now and what are the resources you need to achieve the result?”

8. “Do you specifically understand all that is necessary to achieve this goal – do you have a planned route to attainment?” – State.

9. “Have you ever done this before or had the result previously?”

10. “Do you know someone who has this result?”

11. “Is the result ecological?” – This means when the result is achieved what effect will this result have on you, others, society and the whole. Be sure it is good for all and be aware of all its effects on everything.

12. “Are there any potential hurdles to attaining this result, If so what are they and what is your course of action for each?”

13. “What is the timescale, start date completion date?” – Include dates, times for intermediary steps if any.

Once you have completed the above questions this will give you have the answers to ensure you you get the result you desire. An essential part of gaining the life you desire.

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