Hypnotic Script

Hypnotic Script for a Lady with Recurring Pain.

By Helen Denney-Stone

As you sit there and let yourself get comfortable,
you can look at the spot over there where the wall meets
the ceiling..That’s right, just let your eyes rest up there,
looking at that particular spot, and continue to relax,
because as you relax and look at that spot there,
you will begin to notice any changes that occur here.
You can notice any blurring, or the difficulty of focussing,
or holding your eyes there, looking at that one place,
although at first it may be difficult to recognise those changes here
as you attempt to try to be unaware of them
or to keep staring at that spot,
using all of your effort to hold your eyes there,
but after a while …..
you can begin to notice the effort it takes
to try to be unaware of those changes that occur…
just little ones at first,
that slight blurring of vision, the heavy tiredness in the eyes,
or the way the spot seems to move about,
or changes shape, or colour,
and your eyes become more and more tired,
tired and heavy, a tired heavy feeling
that you have felt before as you stared at something
and your eyes began to water and begin to want to close,
to blink closed, and to want to stay closed,
and rest that tiredness.
That’s right,
because everybody knows how it feels when the eyes get tired,
as the body relaxes,
so tired and heavy – and the eyes begin to close,
everybody knows,
how much more comfortable it would be
to allow the eyes to close .. now.
And as they close .you can feel..
that heavy, tired relaxation begin to spread
throughout the entire body, the arms,
the face, the legs,
and the mind relaxes as well.
With the eyes closed the entire body can relax
and you can drift down into a deep, sound sleep,
a comfortable relaxed trance, where I can talk to you,
and your unconscious mind can listen
even as your conscious mind drifts off
in the same effortless way,
that the eyes drift closed
and relax.
Now..as every word travels from my lips
to your ears to reach your brain,
your body progressively enjoys more and more complete relaxation
in every muscle and cell;
your mind delights in calm, clear, peaceful serenity….
You are now surrounded by a soothing atmosphere of absolute calmness…,
protected from danger, disturbance, and fear.
And while relaxation and peaceful serenity penetrate deeper and deeper
… to every cell of your body,
we are safely surrounded in every direction by wider and wider transparent,
concentric spheres of luminous serenity,
of cheerful calmness…
You are safely bathing and comfortably breathing in the center of these transparent spheres, while luminous calmness all around you penetrates even more deeply within your body
and soft blue shafts or iridescent light  permeates your mind…
Sinking deeper into a weightless safe haven… floating…
All voluntary and involuntary reactions gradually fade and disappear….
Happily relaxed and calm….
Little by little, you become free of fears, .. anxieties, .. thinking, …. feeling.
As I continue to talk to you your body remains peaceful and free
Your mind is attentive to every word and suggestion..
Just like the tremendous amount of learning you have acquired
During your lifetime of experience.. you have experience in
developing anesthesia’s throughout your entire body.
For example as you listen to me now you have forgotten the shoes on your feet….
and now you can feel them..
you have forgotten the glasses on your nose..
and now you can feel them..
you have forgotten the rings on your fingers..
and now you can feel them..
the earrings in your ears you have forgotten..
and now you can feel them.
You go to the theatre and see a great performance
and forget how uncomfortable the chair is
But if it happens that the performance is bad
your chair feels so utterly uncomfortable.
You sense those things..
We’ve all had tremendous experience in developing anesthesia
in all parts of our bodies
So how did you get that anesthesia
for those rings on your fingers
not because there is a drug put into the nerve
not because you were told to have the anesthesia
but because in your lifelong learning you have acquired the..
automatic ability to turn, off,  sensations and to turn them on again
Just as you have learnt this ability your unconscious mind can help you turn off the pain by placing a block or callous between  over your nerves
You will remember the first time you went barefoot ….
everything felt prickly and sore on your soft tender feet
But as you grew up
with your learned abilities
you felt nothing…
you were not even aware of your feet..
whether on a cold rough floor
or hard hot African soil
you did not feel
you were not aware
you had turned off the unwanted feeling
so you know now that you have the ability
and you should be willing
to allow the nerves in the painful areas of your body
to adapt
to develop special blocks
to protect you
so you are not aware
so you do not feel
allowing you the freedom.
Allow the conscious part of your mind and the inner part of your mind to
remember the importance of what has just taken place
remember the learned ability
they were able to clear the body of pain
to have relief it
and replace it with a well-being feeling
This is an exercise you will practice ..
little by little your skill at blocking pain will increase
and then you will find you will be able to do this with ease
without thought just as before
as each time you become more expedient
more confident and you will notice
your ability to move more freely
As you remain in peaceful relaxed serenity
..take time……
to thank your subconscious for the help in protecting you…
take time
to appreciate – like a beautiful picture your accomplishment in achieving this
take time…
to see and know how …that you know I know you know……now
just as you know the learning….that your body knows the ability
to ease you… to free you
take time… to understand that..
together as the petals of a flower form the rose
your subconscious and conscious join to enhance your body
and gleefully accept their abilities and duties
In a moment I will count from 1 to 5…..
on the count of 5 your eyes will be open,…
your mind will be clear and alert….
with beautiful feelings in your body and harmonious thoughts in your mind….
1    You are aware of the count of 1 as your mind begins to come to full awakening     consciousness….
2    You can feel your energy returning as it moves throughout your body….
3    You are beginning to move and stretch as you are coming up … up … up … to full     awakening consciousness… with wonderful feelings moving in your body and     harmonious thoughts in your mind…
4    Moving, breathing, stretching, coming up … up … up … to full awakening     consciousness….
5    Eyes open now, wide awake…feeling fully refreshed, fully alert and so much better     than before…
Welcome back …