I’m Excited…..

by Elly Hurley on 3 April, 2012

Day 8: Woo hoo I had my weekly weigh in this morning and I’m down a whopping 2.5kg’s. And I’m over the moon. This was a fantastic start to me achieving my overall goal. I feel great, and my belief system has been given a big boost. The more I feed my belief system with successes the stronger it will become. And the stronger it is, the easier it will become to overcome any barriers and hurdles that I encounter. My motivation is at an all time high and I’m excited….  

Let me tell you briefly about a client Dawn who is doing the same program. She lost 1.2kg’s in her first week and she was disappointed because she had expected to lose at least 2 kg’s. It isn’t uncommon to begin with high expectations, (I did). What becomes difficult is dealing with the feeling of failure because you didn’t meet them. But is it really failure? No, of course not. Dawn is well on her way to achieving her goal, however she was blinded to this because her focus was on her weekly results and not on her end goal.

Dawn needed to refocus her attention on her end goal, and once I got her to do this she was able to see the progress she had made.

Life wouldn’t be life if we didn’t experience failure or disappointment at some time. The key to success is overcoming these moments, and continuing on your chosen path. We can thank Thomas Edison for the light bulb, and it’s a well known fact it took him 10000 tries to get it right. Imagine if he’d given up at 9999!

My goal is at the end of a path that is like a runway right now, it’s well lit (thank you Mr Edison) and straight, and that’s where I’m focussed – straight down that runway and when I hit the end there will be fireworks. No wonder I’m so excited. Night all, I’m off to dream some more xx 

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