Listen When Your Body Talks to You

by Elly Hurley on 24 April, 2012

How often have you been so busy that you completely ignore any twinges or messages your body sends you? It might just be a feeling you get that something’s not quite right, and yet you continue to soldier on without seeking any form of assistance.

There are the horror stories we’ve all heard about the girl (or guy) who had bad stomach cramps and did nothing until it was too late and irreversible. Or the business owner who was working 16 hours a day, not eating properly and highly stressed. He was doing these long hours to support and care for his family, when the reality was his family hardly recognised the man he had become, and he was oblivious to it all. He eventually suffered a breakdown and lost his family.

It’s almost as if we allow the noise of the world to drown out the sound of our own body and mind. I’m not suggesting you should come to a screaming halt every time you get a headache or have an upset tummy, however I am saying you should become attuned to your body, be aware of any abnormalities. No-one knows your body better than you do, so tune in, get to know yourself and when something’s not right seek professional advise.

There has been a huge amount of publicity in Australia recently about Lyme Disease, largely because the authorities have been slow to acknowledge that it occurs here. This has caused issues for those presenting with the symptoms because until recently they haven’t been taken seriously. These people listened to their bodies, however they weren’t taken seriously and listened to. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t give up, your body is telling you it needs a seeing to, so be persistent.

Your body also talks to you when you eat, if you give it a chance to. One of the biggest changes I’ve made is taking time out and sitting down to eat my meals, not at my desk and not with my laptop on the table. I have a real break and it’s made a huge difference. My meals taste better, I enjoy what I’m eating and I have time out. And I’ve found I don’t need to eat as much as I was, by eating slower my stomach is able to convey to my brain when I’m full. Try it if you’re not already. Make time to sit down and enjoy your meal, and listen for the full signal, trust me you’ll get one. Your choice is whether you listen to it, or not. I’m off to bed, night night, sleep well xx

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Elly Hurley, mentor, author and coach. She has studied and observed cognition and behavioural sciences for over a decade and is considered an expert on human behaviour and personal transformation. A specialist in entrepreneurial business, internet marketing and sales psychology, her expertise give an unbeatable blend of psychology and internet marketing.

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  • Once again Elly, you have hit the nail on the head. At the moment, I am listening to my body as my calves, quads and shoulders are screaming out for a break : )))))

    • Thanks Kim. I hope you are listening to your body and giving it the rest days it needs and deserves. It’s great having you on this journey. Stretching and resistance training using your body weight are great ways to strengthen each of these muscles. What sort of training are you doing? I remember you saying you were going all out, are you getting the results you are after?

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