Long term change

by Helen Denney-Stone on 26 September, 2011

Jersey in the Channel Islands


Day 11 – First day in Jersey and time finally  caught up with me – went for a nap and the next 14 hours disappeared!

It is going to be hard to keep strictly to this challenge whilst I am home seeing family and friends and socialising, which is basically all I do here, very pleasant but somewhat at loggerheads with my goal.

Day 12 – Rather proud of myself today as I got up early and went for a good walk, intend to try and do this every other day, just to keep me going in the right direction. Felt better for making the effort. Found some scales so that I could monitor my weight either way from that point. Next is to try and avoid the fridge and all the goodies within!

Day 13 – This challenge is life changing for me as it involves a permanent change in lifestyle and valuing my health before other more natural demands. Accordingly it is taking a change in mindset to be putting myself first above others – surprisingly difficult and can cause tension. It is hard for other and for ourselves to accept change even if explained with a logical explanation and for sensible reasons.

Tomorrow I will have completed 14 days straight without a break from my routine. I have always believed it is sensible to give yourself one day a week off from any regime because it gives you something to look forward too and the ability to break the rules legally for a day, also by giving oneself this choice it seems that takes the pressure off being perfect and it is often the case that then you do not go crazy on your day off but you can ave a treat without the consequences.

Day after tomorrow will be such a day – I have the day planned with a dear friend and I will not worry – a glass or two of wine will be allowed.

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