My personal Life Choice Challenge

by Helen Denney-Stone on 14 September, 2011

Why am I taking a Life Choice Challenge?

Well over the past year I have gained a lot of weight going from an 8/10 to a 14! and yes of course I have a story to explain this – not enough time to exercise, too busy, a thyroid condition – Hashimoto’s, etcetera etcetera. However the truth is we all have stories why we didn’t do, amazingly we do not need stories when we Do. Why? because Doing moves us forwards towards pleasure and we do not need an excuse for that.

So for me, not only had I increased in size to a shape and weight I had never been before, even when I was pregnant, but my health was beginning to suffer and my body was doing things I did not like!!

There were several problems facing me, exercise well high heels which I love do not go with long walks. Gyms are not places I go for pleasure in fact I dislike them. However good food and wine I love but I am a carnivore at heart and vegetables or in fact anything green is not appetising to me. A mouth watering favorite would be a stick of french bread, butter, a platter of charcuterie and cheeses all washed down with a full bodied glass of red wine.

Now whilst I have to admit that the above is me none of this is very good for my waste line or health. The other main problem for me was that my health and well being are quite a long way done my Values list. When this happens, if there are any decisions to be made in my life – just day to day one my unconscious will always  search to satisfy the highest values first and consequently my health and well being would not be a priority.

So I decided to set myself a fairly hefty 7 point- Twelve week – Life Choice Challenge?:-

1. Regain my shape of 10 years ago.   2. Regain my weight of the same time and give back the 11kg I had acquired a long the way.   3. Regain my fitness level.   4. Go to the gym and set another challenge for myself connected to exercising.  5. Change my eating habits to include more vegetables and fruit.      6. To remove dairy products and wheat from my diet for the duration of this challenge    7. To write a blog on my challenge explaining exactly how I am coping.

One thing I should explain here is it is important to be Smart with your challenge and ensure it is well defined, congruent, ecological has a start and end date and has a clear outcome. This I will discuss more fully at a later time.

I think you will agree not an easy challenge. I will be using a coach from B Inspired 2
to install any strategies or carry out any intervention required to make this challenge as easy and as comfortable as possible and ensure the result I desire.






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  • Great starting point Helen and congrats on getting the blog up and rolling. Hope you’re enjoying the process. The trick with exercise is to find a variety of things you like and that can fit into your life every day – yep 20 minutes every day. Good luck!

  • Helen

    Thank you Jacqui – I agree variety is good with exercise anything to make it fun! – Hope you enjoy the rest of the blogs

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