One Week Down Already

by Elly Hurley on 2 April, 2012

Day 7: Wow I can’t believe I’m 7 days into my program, time certainly flies when you’re having fun. And I’m having fun. I’ve got more energy, I’m more alert and I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything. In fact I’ve tried a couple of new dishes this week and really enjoyed them, it’s amazing what you can create when you want to.

I was brought up on the traditional 3 veg and meat dinner, which was great. Looking back though there wasn’t a lot of variation or new dishes and for a long time this is how I cooked my meals. This is to be expected because we generally copy our parents, grandparents or carers.

Moving to Sydney (a long time ago now) gave me a whole new world of opportunity as far as food was concerned. Sure I could have stuck to what I knew, but what fun would there have been in that.

The only thing I’ve never eaten and still can’t bring myself to eat is offal, I just can’t. The thought of it sends a shiver through me and gives me a terrible taste in my mouth – see what I mean about how powerful our mind is. Sure, I’ve been around when it’s been cooked, my grandmother loves it, but I’ve never tasted it, only smelt it cooking and that’s been enough to put me off forever. Yuk!

So I think it’s far to say that there are certain things that won’t get past my lips. For me it’s good to have something I dislike so much, it gives my coach something to work with when she does a couple of her interventions with me. More on these will follow, in fact I might ask her to write a couple of articles to explain the process.

Until tomorrow have fun. Sweet dreams xx

 PS – Forgot to mention, I’m really excited tomorrow’s my first weigh in day. I feel lighter, and know the scales are going to be kind to me……let’s see.

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