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The Profit Power Masters 2 Day Seminar

March 2nd and 3rd 2012

Discover: – The Power Profit Mindsets, Strategies And Cutting Edge Tactics Behind Building Your Business From Zero To Multi-Millions

Join us at The Profit Power Masters

2 Day Seminar Event


 This event is being hosted by David Newton of Sydney Entrepreneurs.

Some seminars give you great strategies, …some give you workable day to day tactics, …and some will even show you how to have a power mindset to carry it all out, The Power Profit Masters Seminar shows you how to do ALL 3

Are you ready to challenge yourself?

If you are serious about your business this year, then this 2 day seminar will fire you up to breakthrough your barriers to success;

Discover the powerful millionaire mindsets behind the master profit producers

5 speakers – who all power achievers – each one with runs on the board

Learn how they went from Zero to Millions and the techniques behind their results – each earning very high incomes from their businesses, …and they can teach you how to do exactly the same – with your business.

This Awesome Lineup Includes:

Power Profit Mindset Masters Seminar


Rhiannon Rees

BEST SELLING AUTHOR: “How to climb Mount Everest in Sandals – the courage to live an ordinary life.” 2011

Rhiannon Rees sessions will cover –

Part A – Achieve The Impossible:

  • This presentation will focus on WHO you need to be to achieve the impossible
  • Stretch your goals to accommodate your growth
  • Reach for the impossible and engage your sub-conscious mind (reticular activating system) to produce phenomenal results
  • Begin to leverage your ability so that you can do “More with less”
  • This presentation is about the Big picture, Big Vision , Big goals

Part B – The tools you need to develop:

  • Get rid of self-limiting beliefs so that you can produce extraordinary results
  • Create an identity or “BE” the person you need to be in order to influence your success
  • Identify where your “Mental compass” is pointing and whether or not this is congruent with your BIG PICTURE
  • Discussion around the help that you can get to free your self-limiting beliefs and create a conscious and sub-conscious mind so powerful that you can PRODUCE amazing opportunities and results.
  • The energy behind it all

Rhiannon Rees Credentials:

Nominee “Telstra business woman of the year” 2011
FINALIST in Rookie of the year Coaching Conference Asia Pacific 2011
WINNER of the “ACTIONMAN” Award Global Conference, Barcelona Spain 2010
Nominee for “Telstra business woman of the year” 2010
Runner Up in the “Franchise woman of the year Australia” Franchise Council of Australia awards 2010
Nominee for “Entrepreneur of the year” 2010



Steve Brossman

Stand up, Stand out or Stand down!
Learn How To “Change The Game” … and Succeed In The New Economy.

Too many people and businesses are playing a game that has the rules set by their competition and market and they are losing or just getting lost.

In this new economy the market is immune to just being better or cheaper to stand out you need to be different or you will still go broke

Steve Brossman, known as the “Game-changer” will show you:

• How to stand out in a crowded market and have clients seek YOU out
• How to develop you Unique Champions Position
• Why videos is only just starting to become powerful and why you need to get in now or get left behind
• How to change the rules of competition to give you the unfair advantage in the marketplace
• 5 Video Marketing strategies and case studies that will leave you gasping


Us Helen and Elly

Turn Your Brain into a Money Making Machine
…. Discover the secrets behind having bags of money.

Sick of worrying, arguing about money?
Feeling stuck, fed up of not having the money for the new car, house or your business?

Do You want to be financially independent? – In fact have an abundance of wealth?

Learn how to use the real estate of your brain to make you money. Improve your business and give you that entrepreneurial edge.

• What is your true attitude to money? Do you know?
• Creating your Wealth Blueprint and why this is essential to your success.
• Achieving Clarity and Direction having the Goal and ensuring you get the Result you desire.
• Learn 3 powerful ways your Mindset can change your business.
• How you can unlock your money system and why what you imagine, think and feel are your gateways to success.

Our Business Clients often say “they can’t see the woods for the trees” – “they feel overwhelmed” – “pressured” – “there’s just not enough time”

This talk is all about unlocking the key within and reprogramming your brain seeing the problems from a different perspective and Breaking- through to financial freedom.

Helen and Elly are a dynamic duo, enthusiastic and charismatic they will definitely get you thinking and changing.

Helen a “Pomme” started her entrepreneurial pursuits after leaving university sold her business and “retired” at 29. Then went on to have numerous business and JV’s across many sectors, retail, real estate and investing and across many continents from Europe to Russia to here in Australia. Her wealth of knowledge and experiences and is extensive and sometimes startling!

Elly a professional sportswomen when young was bought to Australia from her native NZ to play softball. Elly knows all about what it takes to be the best, perform under pressure and live your dream. Following her desire to help others she became a Policewomen involved with youth and the education of the Police from within the force. Continuing that dream to share her expertise and help others achieve their dreams she now brilliantly conveys her message through B Inspired 2 and their events and courses.


Harry Charalambous

How To Triple Your Business in 18 Months

  • Why are you in business?
  • How I started my first business at the age of 19
  • Three keys to a great business today
  • 3 things you can do to your business in the18 months
  • Why are some businesses thriving during the GFC … and how you can too

Who is Harry Charalambous?
Self Made multi-millionaire, property expert and mentor to hundreds of property enthusiasts across Australia, Harry has been best described as a man of high integrity. With a secret weapon based on his very popular no-pressure approach to negotiating, he believes all transactions can become win-win outcomes.

Leaving school at age 15, Harry learned how to grow a multi-million dollar property portfolios while working on building sites. He bought his first property at age 19 and knew property was the game for him, and created $23m of property profits over 23 years. After managing over $150m in developments since his first property purchase, he understands how to fast-track wealth through world-class property development and investment


Roy West

Who else wants to know the secrets of creating millions of dollars in opportunity through Alliances and Joint Ventures?

Everyday deals worth millions of dollars are agreed to across the planet.

These deal makers understand and harness the power of leverage. All industries and every region have Connectors.  Connectors use their influence to provide game changing referrals that catapulted individual businesses into the stratosphere.

Now you don’t need a Secret Masonic Handshake to find these people. But you do need to know the rules of the game and how to play it.

Using these rules my partners and I doubled and then doubled a business twice again. In just over an 8 year period our business turnover was $6,000,000 pa and we continue to structure deals today worth hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time.

What are you doing to leverage your business? Are you ready to work more on relationships and less in your business? Just one great deal a year may be the difference between $100,000 or more to your bottom line.

Remember this isn’t for everyone. I’ve shown these secrets and the system to hundreds of business owners just like you. These secrets and system will work in any business. All you need to do is apply the system to suit your business, clients and connections.


Seminar Venue: Hotel Urban 194 Pacific Hwy, St Leonards NSW 2065
Location is near old ABC site and next to RNS hospital.
(Underground parking at venue)
Nearest Train Line at: St Leonards
Bus Numbers:144, 143, M20 between St Leonards / Chatswood either direction

Book Now – “Early Bird” Special Applies at $297 per person (Runs out at Feb 20th – Hurry!)

Normal Seat Prices are going at $347 per person