Get Your Mind-Set for Success eBook

by Elly Hurley on 11 December, 2011

Get Your Mind-Set for Success

Would you like to be more successful?

Be financially independent?

Have passionate relationships?

Just have the life you want and deserve?

Well if you have answered Yes to any of the above then this is the book for you. Get your mind-set for Success reveals some of the secrets that make it possible for you to have and live the ultimate life.

Straight forward and easy to follow guide on How to get what you want. Understanding how you operate, the important process of manifestation and the art of making your goals succeed and bringing your dreams into reality.

What's inside Get Your Mind-Set for Success......

How to get results

How to set goals and achieve them

Where do our actions come from and how does this affect you...

How do you get a breakthrough to the results

The Process of Manifestation

ACTION Plan to use and copy

And Much Much More

However the proof is in the reading so here is what our fans have been saying:...

"Thank you so much for your eBook, worth every cent. I loved, love, loved it. Scary enough I could relate to all that was written. It is so true. I have so many negative thoughts drilled in me, particularly from my parents, even though they are lovely people, I know that these negative thoughts have come from them. However, inspiringly enough I have taken on board all that I read and will put it into action as my life needs to change dramatically." Michelle Carlton

"I just wanted to write and tell you Helen how grateful I am to have picked up this ebook - it came at just the right time for me and it was so practicle, easy to read and I loved the action plan, great stuff can't wait till the next one". David Hall

"Wow brilliant by using the action plan I have increased my sales over 50% this quarter - thanks" Steve Pilkington

"Thanks get your mind-set for success was a great read. I particularly liked the process of manifestation, once I had realised what my thoughts were doing fore me it changed my perspective completely. It is strange how the simple things can make such a difference my goals were not to be extremely wealthy or have a big house I just wanted to be the size and shape I used to be and thank you again because with the help of your book I have lost 9kg and am well on my way to achieving my goal. Now I know it works I am setting new goals what seemed impossible is now doable!! " Amanda Hunt

"Cool used the book and the action plan for my business and generally getting a few things straight really helped, don't normally read this sort of stuff but it was really good" Adam Bailey

I can’t believe no-one has told me this before. For years I have been struggling to finish certain things and it’s all because of something Dad used to say when I was younger, “You’re lazy and you never finish what you start”. These words have stayed with me all this time and had such an impact on my life. You know I spoke to Dad about this and neither of us even remember an actual time he said it - but we both remember it being said. I don’t hear these words now when I’m doing things and I have begun to finish what I start. The snowball effect is awesome, I am more confident and more willing to try new things now.

Thanks so much, your book has had an amazing effect on me and my life.
Sean Elger - Melbourne
PS - I hope you don’t mind that I gave the book to Dad too.

Two words - thank you! It makes a nice change to see a tangible result, I feel empowered now and ready for all that 2012 has to throw at me.
Leigh Britton - ACT

I loved the comparison of my mind and a garden. I was sitting in my garden and saw the area’s I tended and how they flourished and then saw a section I had neglected and what a difference! It was overgrown and out of control. And then it dawned on me, that I was no different, I am very clear in some things and a complete train wreck in others. I have weeded my garden and am working on my mind using the action plan. I’ve planted the seeds and am beginning to reap the benefits. I’m inspired!
Jo Brightwater - Sydney

A few more fans of the book for your interest:

"Just had to write to say thanks I have used the action plan and it is working - I have read a few books like this before but they all say what to do - this book actually shows you how and it makes so much sense - great I have increased my sales by $17,000 this month"

"Hi Helen, I am a teacher in London and I just wanted to say that I found your ebook very informative and I have been able to incorporate parts
with my sixth formers, particularly those that have found themselves unable to decide which direction to take, thankyou"

Regards John Cambell-Smith UK

"Great worth every penny saved myself heaps this month after reading about the 3 influences it made things so much clearer even though it did make me a bit angry at first and then blaming, but hell I know now and it makes such sense."
Gemma Nolan. NSW


Price: $14.95

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