Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis

by Elly Hurley on 6 November, 2012

Virtual Gastric Banding is a hypnotherapy program designed to manage weight loss. There are 4 sessions, generally delivered face to face over 4 weeks and each of these sessions is tailored to your individual needs and requirements.

This program has been developed to change your eating habits, which will allow you to lose weight permanently, in a completely safe and natural way. You will believe you have had a gastric band placed around the top section of your stomach, thereby reducing the capacity of your stomach. This means that you eat less because you feel full much sooner.

This program is not a diet. In fact it is anything but a diet. You are encouraged to focus on your meals, to become more aware of what you are eating, to eat more consciously, to really enjoy the taste of your food. And because it’s not a diet you will not feel deprived, hungry and miserable - the main reasons 95% of diets fail. With the Virtual Gastric Band Program you will feel fuller much sooner and stay satiated longer, it provides you with a long term solution to management your shape and size.

As the name suggests you will be lead through a ‘virtual‘ gastric band surgery procedure, using hypnosis and visualisation techniques. The are many benefits of having a non-evasive virtual procedure instead of surgery.

These include:
- Delivered in the comfort of our consulting rooms,
- No prepping (for surgery) or fasting,
- No anaesthetic required,
- No needles or knives,
- No surgery,
- No risk of infection,
- No recovery time,
- No tubes,
- You can eat solids and drink straight after the session (if it’s the right time).

Gastric Band Diagram

Our practice is situated in The Hills District (a pleasant 40 minute drive north west of the Sydney Harbour Bridge).

The Virtual Gastric Band Program consists of:

            • 4 x Hypnotherapy Sessions (between 60 - 90 minutes)
            • 1 x Hypnosis CD
            • 1 x Personalised Hypnosis CD after Session 3
            • 8 x Golden Rules for Success
            • 1 x Follow-Up Hypnotherapy Session (60 minutes) within 12 months

By now you may be wondering what your investment for this program will be, but before I tell you, let me ask you this. What would being your ideal shape and size be worth to you?

This program is $1195.00 (incl. GST). Payment plans are available on request to assist you achieve your desired shape and size.

To make a booking or to discuss your needs please contact us on 0448 242 242. Alternatively use our contact page to request further information.

Price: $1,195.00

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