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by Helen Denney-Stone on 3 October, 2011

Day 19 of My Life Choice Challenge – It is Monday morning, it is about 5.45 in the morning – I am lying on soft pillows, cosy under the duvet, warm comfortable and relaxed. It is not quite light yet but I can see the glimpses of daylight though the blinds, I hear the twittering of the dawn chorus and other than that it is wonderfully peaceful and calm – still – time could stand still.

Well that silence was soon broken with that constant nagger inside my head saying “You know you should be getting up and going for a walk” – I try to ignore it, but – “You didn’t do much this weekend 3 days now just socialising and watching the rugby” – but I am on holiday I rebuke, I should be allowed to watch the world cup and see my family and friends. I don’t see them often – I squeal like a spoilt kid. “Well you know if you don’t do this then all your other desires will fade – you didn’t write any blog over the last three days either” Yes but, I just don’t feel like it – I don’t like walking much, it will be chilly, it is such a long way down the valley and back – I moaned.

Do you ever get times like these? You know inherently you should – But – you just do not want to. How come one moment I am in bliss all peaceful and calm then the next there is this internal dialogue which seems more like an argument going on between the parts that knows what is best for me and the other part that just does not want to do it. Funnily enough the part that just wants Not To never comes up with any solid concrete reasons – its always just I don’t feel like it, I don’t like it……

Where is my motivation now?


Truth is though motivation will not magically appear, the windows are not going to fly open and I am not going to be struck by an inspirational bolt of sunlight. What am I expecting that I am going to miraculously start thinking and believing – Wow it’s 5.45 am I am so excited I can go for a walk!! – This is totally unrealistic and even the most proficient sports people and trainers probably do not think this way, so why should I expect myself to. There is no magical pill, and those self sabotaging parts of me that would rather stay in bed and not bother will  be there and now it is a matter of Choice do I give in to the enemy or do I stay with my ultimate goal and desire. The one good thing is I do at least get complete control on this Choice.

Nike has one of the finest and most well known tag lines – Just Do It.  Why? Maybe because deep down this resonates with us all and is the ultimate Choice.  Richard Branson, who I am sure we all agree is a man who does, an inspirational individual who gets things done. One of his first books called “Screw It, Let’s do it” and this is one of his favourite sayings – a value he lives by and how wonderfully successful has he been.

At the moment of choice, it is not magical, inspirational or motivational it is just a case of – Just do It – or as I hear it in my head – “You can – so just do it now”

Richard Branson


Got to recommend this book – love it great read.




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