So What’s Not Negotiable?

by Elly Hurley on 29 March, 2012

Day 3: There are some things I’m just not prepared to give up, and for this to work I shouldn’t. Coffee for one, I’ve got my own coffee machine at home and I just love the whole coffee making process. What I have done is reduce the number of coffee’s I drink, and I haven’t missed them. In fact, just quietly I’m feeling better for drinking less of them, and get just as much pleasure using my machine to make coffee for others.

And, I’ve got my day off to look forward to at the end of the week. This is my weekly treat when I can eat and drink absolutely anything I want. Hmmm, a nice long spritzer of Sauvignon Blanc….I wonder what else I’ll feel like by then.

But I’m jumping the gun talking about this now because I haven’t really told you what I’m actually doing at the moment.

I, Elly Hurley have made a conscious decision to achieve my goal and lose 10 kilo’s in 90 days but I am not going to do it on a diet. I am using the program we have devised, which of course I will share with you on my journey. I have tried a couple of diets in the past with some success when it came to losing weight but inevitably I would go back to my old ways and put on what I’d lost.

And that’s where this differs. This is a lifetime change I’m making, beginning at the top with my mindset, get that right and I can’t possibly fail, can I? As you can see I haven’t listened to my CD’s yet. On that note, I must fly, it’s goodnight from me, sweet dreams xx

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  • Looking forward to the next instalment.

  • Tabithaprudencestewart

    Me too – love my coffee – so pleased to see a program where I will not have to give everything up.

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