Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs - RIP

by Helen Denney-Stone on 6 October, 2011

Day 22 – my Life Choice Challenge – Not Today!! Today I am not going to be talking about my challenge. Today my time is better spent expressing my feelings towards a man that not only knew what a challenge was, he never seemed to let anything get in the way of his creative innovations.Read the Rest…


Long term change

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by Helen Denney-Stone on 26 September, 2011

  Day 11 – First day in Jersey and time finally¬† caught up with me – went for a nap and the next 14 hours disappeared! It is going to be hard to keep strictly to this challenge whilst I am home seeing family and friends and socialising, which is basically all I do here,Read the Rest…


El Diablo

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by Helen Denney-Stone on 23 September, 2011

Day 9 & 10 of My Life Choice Challenge It is amazing really you set out with a challenge and without knowing it there a little hurdles along the way, often unforeseen difficulties that in the normal run of life would go unnoticed. The difference now is that not only are they noticed but theyRead the Rest…