Does Doubt Control You?

Devil that is Doubt

by Helen Denney-Stone on 15 November, 2012

Can You do It? – Achieve I mean. Succeed at your life and live the life you want? Well statistically only 3% will fulfill their potential. “Is that all”- I hear you say – “Well I don’t stand a chance.” However 3% of the population is nearly 200 million.  So the real question is, areRead the Rest…


How Do You See Yourself?

Distorted Body Image

by Elly Hurley on 16 May, 2012

I used to love running around the crazy mirrored room at the show, you know the one’s that made you short, tall, fat, thin, rubbery and everything in between. From memory there was even one that was the real you but I never spent much time in front of that one. A recent client remindedRead the Rest…