Action speaks louder than words.

Action speaks louder than words.

by Helen Denney-Stone on 18 November, 2012

Show me – don’t tell me. Harvard University proves it so…. It is an old saying I am sure one you have heard many times before :- “Action speaks louder than words.” Do you believe it? – – Yes .. But do you DO it?? Harvard University carried out a study where the students atRead the Rest…


Visualisation the Power to Create

The Power of Visualisation

by Helen Denney-Stone on 15 November, 2012

Imagine being able to achieve something without actually doing it? Sound spooky – well in a way it is. What am I referring to? – The immense power of visualisation. What is visualisation and is there any proof behind it? Let me give you a few examples of the evidence behind visualisation and the powerRead the Rest…


Does Doubt Control You?

Devil that is Doubt

by Helen Denney-Stone on 15 November, 2012

Can You do It? – Achieve I mean. Succeed at your life and live the life you want? Well statistically only 3% will fulfill their potential. “Is that all”- I hear you say – “Well I don’t stand a chance.” However 3% of the population is nearly 200 million.  So the real question is, areRead the Rest…


The Proof is in the Numbers

Tapes and Scales - Tools of the Weight Loss Trade

by Elly Hurley on 23 April, 2012

This program works, and the proof is in my numbers. Today was my 30 day check-in and I’m over the moon. I’ve met my weight target goal – I’m down 4.1kg’s (my target was 4kg’s) and even better than that I have lost a total of 26.25cm. And, even better than that, I feel great.Read the Rest…


Scales: Your Best Friend and Your Worst Enemy!

Scales: Your Best Friend and Your Worst Enemy

by Elly Hurley on 16 April, 2012

Being Monday today was my official weigh in day. The good news is I’m on target, and well there’s not really any bad news – not for today anyway. It’s all eyes forward for me right now, that’s when they’re not looking down at the numbers on my scales. Some days I love my scales,Read the Rest…


I’m Excited…..

Weight Loss Goals at the end of a Runway

by Elly Hurley on 3 April, 2012

Day 8: Woo hoo I had my weekly weigh in this morning and I’m down a whopping 2.5kg’s. And I’m over the moon. This was a fantastic start to me achieving my overall goal. I feel great, and my belief system has been given a big boost. The more I feed my belief system withRead the Rest…

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Post image for SMART

by Helen Denney-Stone on 30 November, 2011

SMART – This is an acronym for setting well defined Goals. S – Specific M – Measurable A – Achieved and Action R – Realistic T – Timed.   The Questions associated with this that need to be answered are below all need to be answered in the first person and in the present tense.Read the Rest…


The Life Choice Challenge – what is this?

Post image for The Life Choice Challenge – what is this?

by Helen Denney-Stone on 13 September, 2011

Hi All I am Helen – principal and trainer at BInspired2 and passionate about our Life Choice Challenge. So What actually is Life Choice Challenge? Well – have you ever felt challenged in your life? Have you ever said “I really feel I want to do that But….”  or “I wish I could  have timeRead the Rest…