Raving Fans

“Awesome – loved it”

Helen and Elly are awesome in what they do. They are so authentic & transparent in their teachings and are incredibly gifted in their ability to create change and action in people’s lives, I loved it”

Terry Constant – CEO Tell Holdings

Michael Grossbard

” I found Helen to be very very good at getting to the bottom of all the issues I had and finding the root cause.

Helen was great, pleasant and easy to be with, my breakthrough was a great success I was able to act and incorporate many of the changes immediately

Since then I have increased my wealth, substantially – brilliant”    Michael Grossbard

“Thank you so much for your eBook, worth every cent. I loved, love, loved it. Scary enough I could relate to all that was written. It is so true. I have so many negative thoughts drilled in me, particularly from my parents, even though they are lovely people, I know that these negative thoughts have come from them. However, inspiringly enough I have taken on board all that I read and will put it into action as my life needs to change dramatically.”  Michelle Carlton

Jaki Connaughton

” It was such fun – We worked on setting and installed goals in my future and locked them in tightly, since then I have been on an exciting journey and am well on my way to achieving what I wanted.

I would definitely recommend this experience if you want to get results      

  Jaki Connaughton

“All I can say is Wow! there are often times in my life where I have taken the easy road and stayed in my comfort zone , after working with Helen and Elly I have broken through and realised that once I stepped out of my comfort zone anything was possible and I was able to achieve much more than I ever believed. I am so grateful for the experience and what I have learnt and how it has changed my life”.

Emily Waterhouse  – EW & HR Properties

Wayne Nettle

I look back every day, to the strength that I found in myself, and the fantastic confidence that I gained whilst at Helen and Elly’s course. I know that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to.

I now know I can and will be successful and achieve my dreams , because I will never give up! You gave me the strategies and choices for me to see my path and a tool kit in my mind that says to me every day -I can and will achieve all I desire, I will make a difference. Thank you!”

” I love business and I love doing what I do but I was just not going anywhere I seemed to be chasing my tail continuously, this course changed my life, I solved the problem the choices and opportunities opened up. This was such a hands on experience, I will definitely be back.

I met so many like minded people, great networking I have two joint ventures from this and am installing all the new strategies I have learnt. I feel so much more confident and not stuck anymore – just great.”

Paul Weiner – CEO The Metcast Group