The Life Choice Challenge – what is this?

by Helen Denney-Stone on 13 September, 2011

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Hi All

I am Helen – principal and trainer at BInspired2 and passionate about our Life Choice Challenge.

So What actually is Life Choice Challenge?

Well – have you ever felt challenged in your life?

Have you ever said “I really feel I want to do that But….”  or “I wish I could  have time to do what I want” or “I know what I want I just don’t know how to get it” or “I have been meaning and wanting to do that But I should, I need to do this first” and it never gets done. The New Year’s resolutions – all the things you want to change, achieve or just have a go at – you have the best intentions – But it does not last, life just gets in the way?

Why – you may well ask don’t you manage to succeed here when these are often things we have chosen we want to do? Well the truth is that often these wishes do not quite fit with our internal value system, you don’t have the right strategies installed at a conscious or unconscious level to keep these desires going.

This is where the Life Choice Challenge comes into it’s element – this is your opportunity to take one of these goals, desires or intention and with our help we will put all the strategies you need in place – solve the problem – and guarantee a result.

What if – you actually could have financial freedom – a lasting sensual relationship – a superb career – the car, house, the man you have always  wanted. Or simply be the shape or size you want – run that marathon – achieve that goal. Well the reality is you Can.

You may just need to know how to access a new set of tool/skills to achieve this. You may be wondering how do we and how can you achieve this and how exactly can I guarantee you have a result. Well basically because we are experts in our field. We will with you define in detail the goal or problem – find the solution or route to achievement -give you the tools and install the strategies showing you how to maintain these for a lifetime. Life long empowerment.

This is the Life Choice Challenge- we teach you in quick easy steps – once you have achieved each step it is with you for as long as you want – just like a series of light bulbs once we switch them on you have to consciously  decide to switch them off, otherwise they are with you forever to use whenever to achieve your goal and maintain the result.

Sounds impressive – would you like to look into this further? – feel the difference. Make sure to make contact email us and if you would like to discuss anything directly one of our trainers or myself will call you personally at no cost to you. My passion is for more and more people to take their Life Choice Challenges and for me to see the results.

Join us in a life changing Life Choice Challenge.

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Helen Denney-Stone, mentor, author and coach. She has studied and observed cognition and behavioural sciences for over a decade and is considered an expert on human behaviour and personal transformation. A specialist in entrepreneurial business, internet marketing and sales psychology, her expertise give an unbeatable blend of psychology and internet marketing.

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