Trials and Tribulations of an All Blacks Supporter

by Elly Hurley on 9 September, 2011

Let the Rugby World Cup 2011 Games Begin

Well it’s finally here, the beginning of the Rugby World Cup. I can’t wait for the opening ceremony and kick off tonight, Friday 9 September 2011 at Eden Park in New Zealand.

So there is no confusion, I will confess here and now I am a 100% All Black supporter, with a passion for the game of rugby, and I live in Sydney Australia.

From a Kiwi’s perspective, there is nothing more moving than watching the All Blacks perform the Haka before they play. The practice, energy and passion the boys put into this is so evident and I still get goose bumps and from time to time feel a lump in my throat and have a tear in my eye, and I know tonight will be one of those times.

The friendly sledging has already begun, the All Blacks didn’t do us any favours by losing the last two games of the Tri Nations. I have plenty of friends, mainly Australian that have already started throwing words like ‘choke’ around, and just quietly it’s a word that terrifies me.

I don’t know what it is about playing in the World Cup but for some reason the Number One team in the world – a claim no-one can dispute, they have held the top ranking in the world for longer than all of the other nations combined – seem to do just that, they choke.

So it is with a mixture of excitement and trepidation that I eagerly await tonight’s opening game – All Blacks vs Tonga. This should be a cracking spectators game, the Tongan’s have got nothing to lose and everything to gain, and will throw everything at the All Blacks. The All Blacks on the other hand have everything to lose and will be equally if not more ferocious, which makes for a great game of rugby for us supporters.

Rugby, a game that unites, a game that brings friend and foe together, side by side we will stand, sit and watch, supporting our team. Be loud and be heard supporters, it makes the players job so much easier when they hear and feel the crowds support.

Will the All Blacks deliver this year and keep the World Cup in New Zealand? It’s been a long time since 1987 for us supporters to wait so I certainly hope so. They have cleared the cobwebs and had their wake up call by losing the Tri Nations trophy, the upside of that is there is plenty of room front and center in the trophy cabinet for the Webb Ellis Cup. Good luck our mighty All Blacks, this is your year.


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    Great to see this blog – But I have to cheer – “Swing low sweet chariot’s….” – come on England – let’s have another 2003 🙂

  • Helen

    Come on England

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