Turn a Shame into a Gain

by Elly Hurley on 1 April, 2012

Day 6: Today’s my day off, I can’t believe it’s been nearly a week already. I’ve had this day to look forward to from the beginning. There are a few things I’ve taken out of my day to day food, sugar, chocolate and sweets, pasta and rice and on the whole I haven’t missed them. My coffee was a little bitter the first day but I’m now really enjoying the taste of the coffee and not the sweetness of the sugar.

So what does one do on there day off. Well it started with a trip to my favourite patisserie for a chocolate croissant and coffee – and they’d sold out!! I couldn’t believe it but I wasn’t going to be let down. I brought plain croissants and some plain chocolate and made my own. Not quite as good but still very nice, I’d turned a shame into a gain.

I don’t think I’m alone when I say I don’t like to feel constrained, or that I can’t have something. You may have heard the old saying “People always want what the can’t have!”,  and if you spend so much time focusing on what you can’t have there’s no time left to enjoy what you have. This may seem to be a little off topic, but it’s not really, I just took a little detour, a more scenic route. What I should have been writing about was the importance of having a day off and allowing myself to have absolutely anything I want.

So my absolutely anything today was Lobster Thermidor cooked at home, thanks largely to the recent series of My Kitchen Rules. I’ve always loved cooking, but I have to be honest and admit I need a recipe and in the past I haven’t been overly creative. I went all out with this dish, from making my very own fish stock (taking the eyes out of the heads was the worst bit – had to share, sorry), to doing a mini workout stirring the sauce for 15 minutes. My efforts paid off and I was rewarded twice over, I’d made a stunning dish that tasted absolutely sublime. I can just hear Manu and Pete casting there vote, perhaps next year……

Well dreams are free and often the beginning on many a great idea. On that note, I’m off to dream. Night night xx  


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