Virtual Gastric Band

by Elly Hurley on 10 September, 2012

Virtual Gastric Band is a non-surgical clinical hypnotherapy technique that convinces your mind that you have had the surgical procedure – gastric banding.

Virtual Gastric Banding uses the same principles as surgical gastric banding – without any injections, knives or anesthetic. By using clinical hypnotherapy your mind is convinced it needs less food. It ‘virtually’ shrinks your stomach so that you feel full quickly and stay feeling full for longer. The hypnosis reprograms your relationship with food and fixes any emotional and psychological associations you may have with eating.

Through a clinical hypnotherapy process, Virtual Gastric Banding naturally reduces your hunger so that you:

  • want to east less
  • feel fuller faster
  • feel fuller for longer
  • make healthier food choices.

Several group trials of Virtual Gastric Banding have resulted in 95 – 99% success rate.

The Virtual Gastric Band program is delivered over 4 weeks and includes 4 personal hypnotherapy sessions, generic and personalised CD’s (MP3’s) and a workbook.





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