Vision Board Video 7

Video #7 – Use a Vision Board to Reduce the Stress in Your Life

Below are the links to Video’s 1 to 6.

Video #1 – What is a Lifestyle Vision Board?

Video #2 – How Vision Boards Can Help Kids with ADD

Video #3 – Double the Power Visualisation and Vision Boards

Video #4 – The Power of Vision Boards & What Happens Next

Video #5 – What I’ve Used Vision Boards For

Video #6 – Gain Clarity with Vision Boards

This is the end of your first week of video’s.

Let’s re-cap.

You’ve heard about what a vision board is, how to double the power of your vision board with visualisation, how to gain clarity and stress less, what you need to do next – take action, how kids can benefit, and some Vision Board successes.

Have you begun your Vision Board yet? Or, are you beginning to think about what you would have on your board? Everybody begins somewhere, and that’s the key – make sure you begin. Once you have taken the first step you are over half way there.