Vision boards are simple and powerful.

by Helen Denney-Stone on 19 November, 2012

Knowing how to create your Vision Board and the best way will increase it’s powerfulness.

vision board It will enable you to create a Vision Board that is very effective and will take one of your goals and manifest that goal into reality. Anyone who really wants to make a difference in  their lives and achieve must have the knowledge of what and how to create a Vision Board that will manifest into reality.

Create a financially secure lifestyle for your future and that of your families.

Have Clarity with your goals allowing them to realise.

Gain Choice in your life in a quick and effective way.

Secure that job or relationship of your dreams with a few easy steps.

Understand the logic and proof behind the process.

The 3 Steps to getting the power from your board.

1. Having a clear Goal, knowing what you want, being very specific with your desires.

2. Using the process of Visualisation together with the actualisation of your vision onto your board makes it an incredibly powerful process.

3. Clarity – clear plan – clear vision – clear action.

The 3 Mistakes that people make with their boards.

1.  Starting with no end goal in mind. This is similar to going to the doctor and expecting a diagnosis with telling them your symptoms. If you do not know what you want how can you ever attain it.

2 Not having Clarity, not taking a chance and really making the most of your board, just like life and any goal you have, you need to be invested in and believe in the process. The results will speak for themselves!!

3.  Not using all of your senses when doing the visualisation process, part of the power is the integration of your goal with the world, much in the same way as the “Law of Attraction”.

Process of Manifestation

 What You VISUALISE leads to Thoughts
What You THINK leads to Feelings
What You FEEL leads to Actions
Your Actions lead to Your RESULT

Reality is what we see, feel, hear, smell, taste, sense and know.

Emma was a high end beauty therapist in Sydney and owned her own business on the North Shore. Whilst having a successful business and many friends in the area Emma had not been able to find the man of her dreams.

Emma was 30 when she came to a B Inspired 2 workshop and created her vision board on Relationships. During the process she was able to gain clarity over what she really wanted in her life and the type of person that would resonate with her. Emma was committed to the process and placed her board in her bedroom where she would see it regularly.

Within 3 months of hanging her board she met Mark . Mark so closely resembled the person she had created on the board that it was a bit “spooky”!!

Now a year later Emma and Mark are working together and doing many of the events and enjoying all the holidays that Emma had put on her board.

“The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for what they want and if they cannot find it – they make it”             George Bernard Shaw

Creating your vision board is a like directing a film, with you as the Director. You know the story that needs to be told and you have the strategic knowledge to build the film scene by scene to make a powerful movie.

As the director you already know what the movie will look like in advance, you know the emotions and feelings it will evoke. Your job is to create such a superb vision that it creates the reality.

With the clarity you have you know how each of the actors should be acting and are able to orchestrate all events to end with the exact movie you had already seen.

Here are just a few testimonials from our clients at B Inspired 2

“As an entrepreneur, I face daily challenges in growing my business; the biggest challenge all entrepreneurs face is doubt, fear, and discouragement. My vision board is a physical reminder of my most significant WHYs in my life and helps me stay focused on achieving my life vision.  I am delighted and grateful, honestly a little surprised at how effective my board has been. I will soon be doing the next stage on my board.  🙂  Thank you”  Angela Woodstaff – Brisbane

“So thankful – I have been using vision boards with my 14 year old son since I came to your workshop in June. My son Jake is ADD and has had many problems focusing and attaining simple goals. We do a mini vision board at the start of every week and it has greatly helped Jake, it also acts as a confidence builder and continuous reminder of what he is achieving this alone is having a compounding effect.”  Stephanie – Sydney – A grateful Mum.

As you can see Vision Boards can be used in many ways to create your future.

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