We are what we eat!

by Helen Denney-Stone on 15 September, 2011

Day 2 of my Life Choice Challenge.

As luck would have it day two of my challenge, back home but with a nasty migraine. I mentioned in an earlier post that one of the reasons for this challenge was to pay more attention to my health and it is the migraines that have only come into my life over the past 5 years that has really sparked me to do something. At first they were very infrequent but now they are every month and can last for several days they do seem linked to hormones – however I have had all hormone checks and as usual the verdict is all normal “everything within normal range”.

So what do you do when you know something is up, after all it doesn’t take rocket science to see the monthly pattern here. Together with other patterns of dare I say this – moodiness –  I just hope the kids are not reading this post! Also digestive and other signals. Well I say if you don’t know find out source the information and learn the basics so that at least you can quiz the specialists with some knowledge.

I would like to recommend to anyone out with symptoms without clear diagnosis and this is for male as well as female that they take a look at their hormones – and for the guys reading this please do not think hormones mean female they don’t your hormones are just as important!

You have often heard “we are what we eat” and I believe this is widely accepted now – well a substantial reason for this is that what we eat effects all our hormones and this controls our well being and the art is to get your hormones in balance. Once this is achieved feeling energetic maintaining weight and warding off age become simple. As I have now read quite a few books on this subject the two mentioned below I found to be particularly good as they are easy to read and understand and simple to see the possible problems and attain the solution.

So here I am day 2 only with a bit of a hitch as I was due to go to the gym and yes I have joined a gym, but any movement is unpleasant with a migraine and the gym well that was out of the question. Rather than feel bad that my plan had to be altered so soon it is important to keep your eye on the final outcome because inevitably during twelve weeks life will get in the way and you will need to be flexible to make sure whatever the hurdle you go around or over it.

My Book recommendations are:-


The Hormone Solution Stay Younger Longer

with Natural Hormone and Nutrition Therapies –

By Thierry Hertoghe M.D. with Jules-Jaques Nabet M.D.


Dr John Lee’s Hormone Balance Made Simple –

The Essential How-to Guide to Symptoms, Dosage, Timing and More –

By John R. Lee M.D. and Virgina Hopkins

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