Weight and the gym

by Helen Denney-Stone on 17 September, 2011

Exercising - the gym!!


Day 3 – well headache under some control I decide to steel myself and head towards the gym. I am not a gym junky and in fact I really do not like gyms or exercising so this part of the challenge enabling me to regain fitness and shape is a hard ask – again I visualise myself in shape and fit being able – maybe- to take on something like the City to Surf here in Sydney. Keeping the end goal right in front of me is enough to get me through the doors, also I have a friend who comes with me and again this helps and encourages me.

First I do 1km on the treadmill – 14 minutes!! – yes I know awfully slow. Then I did a gentle circuit on the weights and finally back for another 1km this time in 12 minutes – so better. I left feeling somewhat proud of myself for being there.

Day 4 – Its Saturday and I am finding it hard to stay on track at the moment feeling it all a bit of a struggle. Saturday has a especially a lot of triggers there is nothing I like more than a coffee a pain au chocolate and the newspaper in bed, trouble is other than the newspaper I am no longer allowed anything else. So I decide to change the environment get up sit outside in the sunshine and have smoked salmon instead. This did the trick instead of hankering after a habit of the past I began to form a new habit equally as pleasant but helping me in my challenge.

I would like to explain here that due to my new dietary requirements no diary and no wheat I still have all meats all fish all shellfish and all vegetables, all fruit and salads.  So really plenty of choice it just needs a little thinking about in advance as I am also trying to eat 5 meals a day each the size of my fist or palm of my hand. When you simplify the eating regime like this it is much easier and more likely that I will keep to it. I do not calorie count or weigh anything and if I want a little milk in my tea I only have A2 milk (Jersey milk).

Importantly I drink more than I did before and try to consume a minimum of a litre of water a day, also if I am going to the gym in the morning I drink a glass of water before I go and eat breakfast after the exercise. One last tit bit when I eat fruit I eat it separately and not with the meats leaving several hours between the fruit and other protein aids in digestion and ensures no build up of yeast in the gut. Again to aid with my digestion I am taking a pro-biotic daily.

First weigh in tomorrow  Рwhat will that bring?


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