When is it the right time?

by Elly Hurley on 27 March, 2012

In a word – Now! There is no other time like the present. Day 1

So why don’t I feel like that at the moment. It’s 7.30pm on the first day of my new regime, and I’ve got a headache. But let’s not focus on that right now, I know it takes a couple of days for the body to accept the changes I’ve made. And I’m about to watch MKR – call me a masochist!

Let me take you back to the beginning. For some time I’ve been feeling a little ‘flat’, not quite as sexy and fabulous as I’d like to feel. You know that feeling when you’re just a little bit off your game? Because of my love of food it’s taken me a while to accept and acknowledge that I need to make some changes to what, when and why I eat.

Now, I could have said oh it’s Easter next weekend, I’ll start after that, or I could start today – and I did! I was really excited when I got up, today was the day, I’d made up my mind and I was ready to go.

I didn’t just wake up and decide “hey I’m going to make some changes”, I planned for those changes. I removed any possible excuse I could think of to ensure I had the best possible chance to succeed. After all, isn’t that what anything we tackle in life is about, we don’t begin something with the intention to fail, we want to succeed. And succeed I will.

I’m off now, there are a few things left to finish before I get to bed. It will be happy dreams tonight, day 1 is all but behind me and I have succeeded.

Night all xx

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