When life get’s in the way…

by Elly Hurley on 31 March, 2012

Day 5: You know those days when anything that could go wrong does and then it takes three times as long to get it sorted out. Well today I had one of those days, I won’t bore you with all the details or the problems but I do need to get it out there that I missed my walk today and I wasn’t happy.

Well that is until I got an email back from my coach after I’d vented, and you know what she put everything in to perspective for me. Was not going for one walk going to stop me achieving my goal, NO. Was not going for one walk an excuse I could use to give up, YES it was and I think that is what I was afraid of, but it wasn’t going to be this time.

This is the email reply I got from my coach.
Hi Elly, One walk! I am impressed that you have got so upset over missing one walk, but remember what we went through. This is a ‘no’ program, no fad diet, no strict exercise regime, no pills, no bars. It’s you, your body and your mind.

I know you find it comforting to have a strict routine but as you found today life sometimes gets in the way! You have all the resources and abilities you need to adjust to any change and achieve your goal.

Imagine yourself on that beautiful Island beach, warm sunshine on your face, the feel of soft sand through your toes, the smell and sound of the sea and there you are strolling along tanned and in you new bright bikini smiling and laughing with friends. I am so looking forward to receiving the photo’s.

This was a real wake up call for me. From the beginning, even before I began this journey I wasn’t going to allow this decision to ‘rule’ my life. I didn’t want to feel like I had to do something and if I didn’t do it I had automatically failed. You see missing one walk isn’t really a failure because I am still on track to reach the ultimate goal of losing 10 kilo’s, it was a mere sand grain that I had turned into Everest. And that is why I am using a coach, her ability to see it how it is – a grain of sand in this case, is just what I needed to hear. Her email changed my thinking and actually made me laugh at myself. I’d planted a grain of sand in my mind and turned it into Everest, it goes to show how powerful our thoughts are.  

So, I’m off to use my powerful thoughts for something positive, I’m pleased this happened today, life often gets in the way, and I know it’s not the situation but how I react to the situation that makes the difference, so why didn’t I apply it to this today. I wonder….

Night all, have a fantastic weekend xx

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