Why Your Thoughts Are So Important

by Elly Hurley on 18 April, 2012

I thought the rain yesterday was bad, but today is worse. It’s been torrential and it’s wet, really wet. So wet that the water table’s around Sydney can no longer cope and there is water everywhere and it’s causing chaos.

Did it stop me doing what was needed today? Definitely not. I’ve been and brought some wet weather pants and got some water proof jackets for the dogs so they don’t feel like drowned rats.

Some of you may be thinking what’s the rain got to do with any of this, so let me share my thoughts with you and why it’s so important (for me anyway). I will stick with rain because it’s what I’m being constantly presented with at the moment. I could choose to use rain as an excuse not to do what needs to be done to achieve my goal. Rain in this context represents anything and everything that pops up in our everyday lives. It’s all the external factors that you don’t generally have any control over but you react or respond to – sometimes positively and other times not. It is the excuse you deliver or reason you hear yourself giving because you haven’t done something.

And then you have to deal with that little voice in your head, either congratulating you or scolding you. This is why your thoughts are so important. I keep going back to this because it’s what makes the difference, the difference between reaching your goals and giving up. Having a clearly defined goal and a steadfast mindset that you will succeed gives you a huge head-start towards achieving it. And it’s this mindset that keeps you on track and going on days like today, yes I’ve gone full circle and I’m back on the subject of this horrible rain. I have made sure my mindset is where it needs to be, focussed, clear, directed and positive.

Yes I’ve had bad moments, hours and days, but I’ve come through them. It’s a bit like having a devil sitting on one shoulder and an angel sitting on the other, every now and then the devil’s voice sings louder than the angels but I’ve learnt to silence him. How, by refocusing and turning my thoughts to where they need to be. We all have this power within us, it’s about mastering it, and that’s where the program we’ve developed comes in. Working on my mindset is equally – if not more important than what I eat and the exercise I do, when my mindset is right anything is possible and nothing is too hard.

I will say goodnight and share one of my favourite quotes from Henry Ford, it sums up tonights blog in one sentence. “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.”  Night all xx

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