You always have choice.

by Helen Denney-Stone on 16 November, 2012

  We all have Choice How do you feel about choice?

I am sure you have heard this phrase before, maybe from your parents, certainly in books and articles, from your friends and definitely from your mentors!! – I can hear myself saying it often and with true belief.

The trouble is for most people it is a “cliché” they do not truly believe in and it is relatively easy to convince ourselves that we do Not have a choice.

Often the issue surrounding the “I do not have a choice” is when….
You are afraid of making the choice
You do not believe you can do it
You don’t want to do it!!
You, or others do not want you to do it.

Then the easy option is simply to say “I had no Choice” and because everyone uses this saying, and uses it for the same reasons, you are rarely challenged, making it a rather easy option.

Be warned now- have your excuses at the ready, when you are in one of my workshops, you WILL be challenged for this poor excuse!!

You see, and deep down you know, that in fact You – me – each and every one of us has a Choice.

The dictionary defines Choice – ‘as the act of choosing between two or more possibilities’. The statement has clarity and does not include words like, unwilling, fear of potential outcome, or just fear. The Choice to use the saying “I have no choice” is always because you do not like, feel good about or see the potential in any of the possibilities and often have fear of the outcome.

The major problem with choosing this option is that it removes your control, takes away your freedom and restricts you to the demands or actions of others.

Would you not rather be free, take control and not be at the behest of others?

No matter how difficult the situation is, believing, knowing you have the choice will give you strength. You will also find that the feeling of having choice is very liberating.

Imagine for a moment the worst of situations, your child or partner is diagnosed with a deadly disease and you do not have the money for the treatment – you may say “we don’t have any choice” but that is in fact not true. It is true that you do not have any money, but not true there are no other possibilities.

Again you may well say “I have a boss and I have no choice” but again this is not true, even if the boss says “You have no choice”

Being able to state with authority that “I have a choice”, even when you are not sure what your choices are yet, is a great confidence booster, it reminds you of your value and your worth – your personal power- your values and beliefs.

Having no choice is the same as always being at Effect, that is helpless, blaming others, making excuses, being the victim, decrying your values. If you are on this side CHOOSE TO CHANGE  – NOW!!

Change to the other side which is at Cause, where you have Choice, Chance, Control and above all this is the side that Success and Wealth are found on.

It is understandable that so many people are on the Effect side, the blame side where they feel they have no choice, because fear as I mentioned before is a natural response to being forced, trapped, backed into a corner made to feel you have to and an easy excuse not to take responsibility for yourself.

But – It is Unacceptable!!  For so many years people have fought and died for the ‘right to choose’ the ‘right to speak’ the ‘right of choice’ and in one fell swoop if you are on the effect side you have given that all up.

Re- program yourself to constantly say ‘I have a choice’. What you will find is that you will feel invigorated, confident and with this comes opportunities. It will greatly increase your ability to enjoy your own life and benefit from the many opportunities that come your way when you open yourself up.

Choice opens your vision and allows for growth and expansion.

I have written before on how to manifest you dreams into reality. Well knowing you always have choice is the biggest present you can give yourself and your dreams. If you do not believe in Choice how can you have what you want??

We all have choice – even if choosing is hard.

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Enjoy your Action!!

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